Unmounted Rider Workshops 

Held in different locations, please contact me for dates near you

*Working on rider biomechanics and posture awareness.

*Suitable for all disciplines and all levels of riders.
Unmounted exercises for riders. 
Seat, leg and rein aids - How they work together.
Identifying and correcting rider crookedness.
Improve core stability.
Perfecting the basics.
Learn how your balance affects the horses performance.
Gym ball session.
Fun and educational.

Feel the difference when you ride your horse.

*Run by Rhianwen Rosser,
Enlightened Equitation Instructor, British Dressage and Classical Riding Club trainer.

Please book in advance as limited space and to make sure there is enough equipment for those taking part.
email -registered.instructor@hotmail.com

Riding Clinics

I teach for Riding Clubs and yards all over Wales.

Flat work and Introduction to Jumping separate sessions

Improve your Schooling, Dressage or Showing

For British Dressage members this counts towards your regional training to be considered for teams.

Pole work and grids (Novice horses or riders wanting to build confidence over fences.)


British Dressage Clinics

I'm a British Dressage and Young Rider Trainer and clinics can be organised which would for British Dressage members count towards your regional training to be considered for teams and your BD training record.


Riding and Road Safety

I have put together a riding and road safety course to train not only towards the BHS exam but for riders to be safe on the road.  When I qualified as an approved trainer for the BHS  I felt that riders should have some training in order to protect themselves whilst out on the road. 

 This course is suitable for experienced riders also who perhaps have  been riding for years and who want a further awareness, or novice riders who want to be better prepared.  The training can be geared towards taking the Riding and Road Safety exam with the BHS.  The Pony Club recommends that young riders are encouraged to take the BHS Road safety test before riding on the road unaccompanied and then only when the person responsible for their safety is entirely satisfied that in their opinion it is safe for the young person(s) to do so.

If you are involved in a road accident it states in the Highway code that the police may ask if you have had any official training.