Unmounted Rider Workshop

Held at The Priory, Swansea 30th May.

There were over 30 participants on the evening which was designed to give a better understanding of how to be more effective and more balanced in the saddle.  Everybody enjoyed and laughed a lot, especially when we were using the big gym balls to get a separation of movement from the hips to the shoulders.  Other tasks gave the riders a feel of what the horse feels on the reins with different movements sent down the reins.

I have been booked to run further courses in other areas and I am looking forward to keep you all updated as these are confirmed.  Some enquiries have come from Chester and Gloucester.

 Rider Safety and Awareness day

Zoars Horse and Country Supplies in Neath held a Rider Safety and Awareness day on the 17th April at Scurlage Castle Farm Gower.

The Equibalance Training stand attended covering all aspects of rider safety in the saddle.

CHAPS  Stallion Grading 

Amazing day at the CHAPS stallion grading. Massive congratulations to Rhian Jones and Barry Thomas with the Traditional stallion Master Guitar Man who Passed the whole lot. It was a pleasure to have ridden him for you. Well done.

All about the horse raceday Ffoslas 6th April

I was asked to provide a display which would demonstrate side saddle riding for this event that was raising money for the injured jockeys fund.  I was fortunate to have two ladies who were willing to ride whatever the weather.  Mrs Loretta Niblo and her daughter Tegan who brought their show horses down to take part.  

The girls were able to ride around the parade ring whilst I did the commentary.  This was a 20 minute slot between races and I was able to cover a little bit about the history of side saddle riding, what the girls were wearing and how they were able to control their horses. we had two displays to do with another later in the day.

I was able to have my Equibalance Training stand inside the main building.  On the stand I had set up a side saddle that many of the public came to have a sit on and really enjoyed feeling elegant and could imagine themselves on a horse.

After the first demo I was asked to judge the best turned out horse for the 5.10 PM race and also to present the owners of the winning racehorse a silver trophy.  Ffos las was a brilliant day out and we met many people who were interested in horse riding and training.  

The event was covered by The South Wales Evening Post and also the Llanelli star giving Equibalance-training a mention and pictures in both.

Riding clinic March 2014

Group lessons at the Priory Stables, well attended and great fun to teach.  Flat work and intro to jumping sessions.

The day started off with a flat work lesson working with riders to improve straightness and better transitions.  The next was for novice riders or horses to introduce them to jumping, this started with a warm up, trotting poles and worked up to a mini grid with raised poles and a cross pole.  Proud parents watched from the gallery as the riders enjoyed themselves and gained in confidence with the progressive exercises.

The advanced group had show horses and a Horse of the year competitor. Two of the riders were side saddle and were looking to get themselves ready for the 2014 show season.  Improving rider position and horses way of going to gain extra marks from the judges.

 Due to the requests for more clinics to be put on, the next one is booked for April 19th from 1.30PM onwards.   I do have other yards requesting lessons and I am happy to travel, please contact me if you would like to arrange a training day or individual training.

 Side Saddle Evening Demo 20th December 2013

  There was a great response to the evening held at Priory Stables.  Over forty attended and by the end of the night most had ended up having a sit on a side saddle on a stand to give them the feeling of what it's like to ride aside. For most it was something that they felt they would like to have a go on a real horse as it was more comfortable than expected.

Riders from the area took part in a group lesson showing what the judge is looking for during side saddle showing classes.  They also looked smart after changing into their habits and top hats to ride to music which was fantastic to see.