Hi, welcome to my website, I'm Rhianwen Rosser, a Registered Instructor, Trainer and National Level Judge. 

The way I work is different from most instructors as I use a holistic approach  to the way I coach, focused on straightness, suppleness and poise in both horse and rider.  My aim is to create a harmony between the pupil and the horse, developing a relationship between the two, whether it be a newcomer to riding or a more advanced rider trying to achieve greater competition success.    It is fantastic to have clients see such a big improvement by making just a few specific changes.                                   

Over many years I have broadened my knowledge and I have developed a technique where by I can now pass this information to riders to enable them to improve themselves and their horses way of going. 

Horses have always been a love of mine from the earliest age, heavily influenced by my parents who showed at the highest level. I was always eager to show horses myself and started with show ponies and quickly moved onto hunters, riding horses, hacks and cobs and competing in side saddle competitions.  Side saddle riding is a passion of mine and even as a child pony club rallies would be attended on my side saddle. 

I have trained with some of the best instructors in the country, and their enthusiasm for teaching the correct methods to enhance the harmony between horse and rider has been instilled in me to take that message forward. 

I have been fortunate to have ridden and owned some fantastic horses.  I have won classes and championships at National level these include The Irish Draught Horse Society GB, British Appaloosa Society and The National Side Saddle Championships.  I have also won championships at The Royal Welsh Show (twice), Royal Windsor, The Three Counties and I have qualified for and competed at the Royal International.

I am a panel judge for five showing societies; these are The Side Saddle Association (SSA), The Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS), The Veteran Horse Society (VHS), Senior Showing and Dressage (SSAD) and The Showing Register (TSR), I am on the ride and conformation panels.

 I gain great pleasure seeing my pupils do well at shows and events, even as much as I do when competing myself.