"The way that I coach is to give a clear understanding to the pupil of what is happening and to what can be achieved with small changes.

A major factor in this is how the rider sits and uses their aids.  The rider position and timing can have a great effect on the horse.  Using positive teaching methods and some influence from the equestrian schools of Europe, the results can be significant within a short period of time.

It is important that the rider understands a balanced position and is not blocking the horses movement.  For the horse to carry us with ease, the rider should strive to have a good posture, an understanding of the aids and develop feel through training.  We cannot expect a balanced horse if the rider is not balanced themselves.

Coaching is adapted to the different learning style of the client and explanations are clear and concise.  It is the trainers job to promote learning and to help the client to feel empowered by understanding.  The goal is to ride with kindness, in harmony with your horse, with elegance and finesse and a deep seat  that is synchronised with the horses movements, so horse and rider become one unit.  This can achieve the correct foundation of lightness, balance and collection in your horse"

Rhianwen Rosser

Rider Biomechanics:

If you sit in a stronger, safer position you can achieve so much more. Balance and confidence go hand in hand. If you are secure and supple in the saddle, then confidence follows naturally.

We should strive to think positively and look at the best in everything around us. We owe it to our horse to be the best that we can be ourselves and to have a positive frame of mind when we ride.

Equibalance-training will give you the tools to change behaviours, gain motivation and learn new skills.